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Androgen/growth factor study in young (AGSY)

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Project Title: Androgen/growth factor study in young (AGSY)

Researchers: C. Hagen (Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark), E. Haug (The Hormone Laboratory, Aker University Hospital, Trondheimsvien, Norway)

Year accepted: 2002

Summary: The objectives of these studies are:

a) To establish a reference interval for the serum concentration of total-T, free-T, total-E2, free-E2;

b) To evaluate the impact of BMI, fat parameters, chronic disease (gynecomastia, microtestis etc.) and medication on testosterone, free-testosterone and estradiol levels. using probit evaluation;

c) To evaluate a positive role of high, medium, and low testosterone levels on:

  • muscle mass, muscle strength, muscle power, and oxygen uptake
  • bone mineralization (BMD) and bone metabolism
  • cardiovascular risk factors/metabolic syndrome: fat mass, serum lipids, glucose, metabolism, blood pressure
  • hematocrit, growth factors
  • signs of hypogonadism by medical history as well as clinical signs
  • sexual function
  • quality of life

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