WADA seeks hosts for Executive Committee and Foundation Board meetings in 2024 and 2025

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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is calling upon interested organizations and cities/countries to host the Agency’s Foundation Board (Board) and Executive Committee (ExCo) meetings in 2024 and 2025.

WADA is composed of a 42-member Board, which is the Agency’s highest policy-making body, and a 16-member ExCo, to which the Board delegates the management and running of the Agency, including the performance of activities and the administration of assets. The Board is composed equally of representatives from the Sport Movement and Governments. A number of seats are also allocated to Athletes and National Anti-Doping Organization representatives. The ExCo is similarly composed of Sport Movement and Government representatives, and in addition, has five independent members, including the President and the Vice-President.

Since WADA’s inception, the ExCo and Board meetings have principally been held in the city of Montreal, Canada, where WADA has its headquarters. Over the years, meetings have also taken place in other locations following hosting offers received from WADA’s ExCo or Board Members and their representative bodies.

To better structure the hosting allocation of WADA’s ExCo and Board meetings going forward, the Agency has decided to seek formal Expressions of Interest whereby all WADA stakeholders across the globe can apply to host the meetings based on clearly established criteria.

The present call is for hosting either of the following editions of the WADA ExCo and Board meetings:

  • ExCo and Board Meetings (late November or early December 2024): This consists of two all-day events. The 16-member ExCo meets on the first day and the 42-member Board meets on the second day. The meetings are attended by approximately 50-60 people and 120 people respectively.
  • It should be noted that all Board meetings are also open to observers from the anti-doping community as well as members of the media. Pre-registration to WADA is required, and attendance is approved in advance by WADA, subject to space availability.
  • Executive Committee Meeting (September 2025): An all-day meeting of ExCo members attended by approximately 50-60 people.

Should a stakeholder be interested in hosting either of these two editions, they are kindly requested to contact by 15 May 2023. Upon receipt, a detailed specifications list will be provided, and if stakeholders remain interested, they will be asked to provide a formal offer by 30 June 2023.

Should the specific date/meeting opportunities listed above not be feasible for potential hosts, WADA still welcomes their expressions of interest and will maintain a log of interested hosts for other opportunities in the future.