WADA publishes membership of four Committees for 2023


Today, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) publishes the membership of its three Standing Committees for 2023, plus the Compliance Review Committee (CRC). The new or renewed member terms of these bodies were approved by the Agency’s Executive Committee (ExCo) at its 17 November 2022 meeting.

In line with WADA’s governance reforms, the Standing Committee structure in 2023 has been modified, reducing them in number from five to three. Additionally, the WADA Finance and Administration Committee has been reduced in size, from 12 to six members. No longer a Standing Committee, the CRC will now be considered a Permanent Special Committee, although its membership will still be approved by the ExCo. The new Athlete Council will replace the current Athlete Committee and will also be classified as a Permanent Special Committee; however, the ExCo will not assume a role in approving members of the Athlete Council, who are elected and appointed by fellow athletes. [The complete membership of the 2023 Athlete Council will be published once the final seven members are announced by a specific Appointments Panel, tasked with such appointments].

In accordance with WADA’s Governance Regulations concerning Standing Committee composition and rotation, on an annual basis, the Agency is required to announce its call for nominations six months prior to when the decision will be taken by the ExCo. Accordingly, in May 2022, WADA invited candidates to apply for the 12 vacant seats. After the close of the application period, the candidates were reviewed by the respective Chairs of the Standing Committees, in consultation with the WADA President and Director General, and then presented to the ExCo for approval. [In the case of the CRC independent member vacancy, the Nominations Committee was responsible for the review and recommendation to the ExCo].

The selection of Committee members is undertaken with consideration across all the Agency’s Committees to ensure fair distribution of membership between public authority and sport representatives and regional diversity, while also considering gender and cultural balance where possible. Each Standing Committee includes at least one representative from the athlete community and another from National Anti-Doping Organizations.

WADA President Witold Bańka said: “WADA is grateful to its Committee members, who graciously volunteer their time and expertise to help the Agency achieve its collaborative worldwide mission for doping-free sport. Playing a key advisory role in policy and priority development for the Agency, these Committee members, are selected through a rigorous process of nomination and consideration to ensure the best members occupy these important roles. Additionally, as part of WADA’s goals with regards to diversity, equity and inclusion, we are very pleased that nearly half of the appointed members are women; and that, 26 countries from all five continents are represented within the 2023 Committees.”

More information on the Committees can be found on the respective webpages under the Committee section of the WADA website. The information will be updated with the new compositions on 1 January 2023.