WADA promotes clean sport with local partners at XII South American Games Asunción 2022

south-american games

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with the South American Sports Organization (ODESUR) and the National Anti-Doping Organization of Paraguay (Paraguay NADO) to promote clean sport during the XII South American Games (ASU2022) in Asunción, Paraguay, which opened on 1 October and will conclude on 15 October.

WADA’s Athlete Engagement Program team is on the ground in Asunción to raise awareness and promote clean sport to upwards of 7,000 athletes from 15 ODESUR member countries. The aim of the program is to support stakeholders in developing and delivering sustainable anti-doping awareness initiatives to promote clean sport. WADA's role is to develop and tailor the program for each major sport event while partnering with stakeholders in its delivery.

For ASU2022, the Program includes a legacy aspect thanks to the banners and promotional resources that will be left behind for the Paraguay NADO to use for their own engagement and outreach activities at future events.

María José Pesce Cutri, Director of WADA’s Latin American Office, said: “WADA is pleased to have partnered with the South American Sports Organization, the local organizing committee, and the National Anti-Doping Organization of Paraguay to promote clean sport at the XII South American Games. Through pre-games education, on site engagement and by leaving legacy items behind for the Paraguay NADO, the program will have made a tangible impact on athletes and organizations in the region. ASU2022 promises to be a fantastic event, and we are proud to be here and able to promote the values of Play True culture through the Athlete Engagement Program.”

There is an athlete engagement booth set up at the Games’ village where athletes, their entourage and others are able to visit and pledge their support to clean sport. WADA’s Latin America office is running the program for the first five days of ASU2022 and then it will hand off to the Paraguay NADO on 6 October.

The South American Games is a multisport event directed by ODESUR that takes place every four years and features countries from South and Central America, as well as some Caribbean nations.