WADA launches Spontaneous Applicant Pool for Expert Advisory Groups

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) launches a Spontaneous Applicant Pool for experts from a variety of fields wishing to join its Expert Advisory Groups (EAGs).

EAGs are bodies created to provide ongoing technical advice and special expertise to WADA Standing Committees and WADA Management. The following EAGs are currently in place:

Experts submitting their applications to the new Spontaneous Applicant Pool should note that they are not applying for a specific vacancy in any of the above-listed EAGs; rather, they are submitting their application for consideration for future opportunities.

Generally, in October of every year, candidate applications held on file will be reviewed and considered in line with any upcoming EAG vacancies for the next year. Experts will only be contacted in the event they are being considered for an EAG for which their expertise is sought. 

WADA also compiles various Working Groups (WGs) on an as-needed basis. The Applicant Pool may also be referenced when such groups are formed.

How to submit applications

To be considered, applicants are kindly requested to submit the following:

  1. Completed Spontaneous Application Form
  2. A written Expression of Interest (cover/presentation letter) clearly referencing the EAG for which their expertise is applicable; and
  3. An updated Curriculum Vitae(1), fully outlining the applicant’s experience and expertise, and which includes two reference contacts.

Should you wish to submit an application, please forward all of the required information to Please note that incomplete applications will not be retained.

WADA will keep applications within its Applicant Pool for a period of four years, after which time applicants will be contacted to confirm their interest in remaining in the Pool for future consideration. Should applicants opt out of the Applicant Pool, their information will be destroyed from WADA’s records in accordance with the Agency’s Candidate Privacy Policy.

For any questions related to the Expert Applicant Pool, please contact us at:

(1)     For purposes of review, evaluation and approval, applicants consent to the sharing of their curriculum vitae and applicant file (and personal information contained therein) with WADA, in accordance with Article IX. Candidate Privacy Policy of WADA’s Governance Regulations. Applicants are asked to review the Candidate Privacy Policy for details about how their personal information will be processed by WADA. By submitting their application, candidates confirm that they have read and understood the policy and accept its terms.