Join WADA in building the world’s biggest team playing for clean sport on Play True Day 2024; #OnePlayTrueTeam

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Let’s celebrate ‘25 years as One Play True Team’ 

Further to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) release of 23 February, WADA wishes to remind the global anti-doping community that Play True Day 2024 will be celebrated on 19 April 2024 and invite all to take part in the digital campaign aimed at raising awareness among athletes and everyone as to the importance of Clean Sport. 

WADA is proud to say that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the Play True Day campaign, which stems from a WADA-hosted Education Conference in South America; and that last year, achieved a potential social media reach(1) of 161 million worldwide and nearly 160,000 social media engagements(2)

WADA President Witold Bańka said: “WADA is doubly proud this year to be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Born out of an urgency to tackle the doping problem in sport, the Agency’s creation in 1999 activated the global collaborative movement for doping-free sport. Since then, athletes worldwide have benefited from the commitment of the global anti-doping community – past and present. Development of the global anti-doping system has been and will always be a true team effort. We have come a long way together and we must go further in raising the game for athletes worldwide, so please join us this Play True Day in celebrating ‘25 years as One Play True Team’!”  

How to participate 

For this year’s Play True Day campaign, we invite athletes, National and Regional Anti-Doping Organizations, Sports Federations, Governments, Major Event Organizers and other anti-doping stakeholders from around the world to pledge your support and join WADA in building the world’s biggest team playing for clean sport; #OnePlayTrueTeam

The campaign is designed to include everyone that contributes to clean sport. Accordingly, #OnePlayTrueTeam could be your sports team and/or people within your entourage (coaches, doctors, family, etc.); and, it could be your colleagues, friends, etc. In other words, your #OnePlayTrueTeam can be made up of anybody that supports you and inspires you to Play True. On 19 April, show us your #OnePlayTrueTeam

To facilitate your involvement, we created a comprehensive toolkit that will guide you through the different elements of this year’s Play True Day campaign. You can download the Play True Day Toolkit here

Like previous years, to engage as many stakeholders as possible, WADA has created branded visuals (available in English, French and Spanish) for participants to incorporate and share their own #OnePlayTrueTeam photos and videos. These include: 

  • Branded frames that can be layered onto photo or video messages; 

  • #OnePlayTrueTeam crests that can be either printed or used digitally for various social media platforms; and 

  • Profile pictures filters for individuals that can be overlay on an individual’s social media profile to show they are part of the #OnePlayTrueTeam 

  • Profile icons for organizations social media that can replaced the profile picture for the day to show they are part of the #OnePlayTrueTeam 

  • Various GIFs that will be available to be used on Instagram. These can be found on the stories assets search under ‘WADA or ‘Play True’  

Participants are also encouraged to: 

  • Innovate by creating personalized #OnePlayTrueTeam visuals based on their specific country, language and/or sport; 

  • Use hashtags #OnePlayTrueTeam, #PlayTrue and #PlayTrueDay in the lead-up to and on the day to extend the reach and impact of the campaign on social media; and 

  • Follow the campaign in real time via our dedicated Play True Day social media wall on WADA’s website – creating the world’s biggest team photo playing for clean sport. 

Call to Action for Anti-Doping Organizations 

We would kindly ask you to share this message with athletes and others within your network; and, would invite you to contact our Social Media Specialist, Amélie Brissette at should you have any questions. 

(1) The potential audience for a single mention or a group of mentions 

(2) Total likes, retweets and comments and such interactions on a social media post