Education Initiatives

WADA has a range of educational initiatives to support the Anti-Doping Community.

WADA’s Education Department uses SPIRIT to guide the development of tools and initiatives:

  • Strategically positioning education as a fundamental component of any anti-doping program.
  • Promoting a clean sport culture by engaging stakeholders and partners, recognizing that athletes start in sport clean.
  • Increasing access to education for athletes and their support personnel through our Global to Local education network and education solutions.
  • Raising the quality of education and training programs through education policy and standards.
  • Improving capacity of the clean sport community through training and development opportunities supported by our clean sport academies.
  • Through focused and impactful research, understanding what keeps athletes clean, and why some athletes dope; to inform and improve our programs to have a sustainable impact.

Our initiatives include:

1. Policy and Research

2. Digital Learning 

3. Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) Capability Support

  • Code Implementation Support Program (CISP) – Dedicated support program for ADOs, across all technical areas of anti-doping, to help them implement the 2021 Code and International Standards.
  • Global Learning and Development Framework (GLDF) – Introducing professional standards, competency frameworks and training for ADO practitioners, investing in and supporting their professional development in their roles.
  • Global to Local – Creating connections between WADA headquarters and our regions for the purposes of education and training, including promoting our available digital learning tools and programs for ADOs.