Athlete Central


Launched in November 2019, ‘Athlete Central’ is WADA’s new App that will facilitate athlete compliance with Whereabouts rules under the global anti-doping program. Athlete Central replaced WADA’s current App that has been operational for a few years and required modernizing.

Whereabouts rules, which are a key component of global sport’s crucial out-of-competition testing programs, are part of the International Standard for Testing and Investigations. The rules require a limited number of top-level athletes within a Registered Testing Pool (RTP) to provide their Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) with details of where they can be found for one hour every day.

Prior to initiating development of Athlete Central, WADA’s project team actively sought athlete feedback to better understand their needs.  The team was pleased to receive 2,500 unique submissions that then shaped the App’s specifications. In addition, in the lead up to its November launch, some Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) staff have been testing the App and a significant number of active athletes have been trialing it to file their Whereabouts.

Powered by ADAMS, the new Athlete Central is a simple, smart and reliable way for athletes to provide their Whereabouts information in order to support out of competition testing and demonstrate their commitment to clean sport. Its attributes include:

  • Smart App for improved accuracy
  • Location-based address recommendations
  • Intuitive user Interface requiring less support & training
  • Supports all types of Whereabouts pools, including RTPs
  • Improved adherence to International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI)
  • A dedicated Help Desk