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Application of athlete’s performance passport for doping control

Investigateur principal
S. Iljukov
Research Institute for Olympic Sports
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Passeport biologique de l'athlète

Description du projet

Code: ISF17D04SI

The original idea of “athlete`s performance passport” or monitoring
individual performances for better informed decisions on doping
testing has been presented by Schumacher and Pottgiesser. The main objective of an “athlete`s performance passport” in sport is to distinguish between consistent and unexpectedly disproportionate performances. Excellent performance itself is not a proof of any wrongdoing or doping. However, through longitudinal monitoring, inconsistently excellent performance could be a warning sign that need further attention from anti-doping authorities.The purpose of this project is to establish framework for the longitudinal performance monitoring and identification criteria of athletes with outline performance in middle- and long distance
runners population.