Global à local

A subset of the Global Learning and Development Framework (GLDF), the Global to Local (G2L) program involves establishing an education network connecting the global and regional levels more effectively to support the coordinated implementation of training programs in regions of the world. The training and tools being developed by the GLDF Technical Working Group are central to the G2L program.

WADA announced the first G2L pilot project (G2L Europe), in Europe in collaboration with the Polish National Anti-Doping Agency (POLADA), in December 2021. The pilot project will enable WADA to test our GLDF in Europe and refine, improve and expand upon its framework before implementing in other regions around the world.

G2L Europe will focus on training and development programs initially for anti-doping practitioners in the following five roles:

  • Education
  • Results Management
  • Intelligence and Investigations
  • Data privacy
  • Media relations and communications


The six phases of the G2L Europe project are:


  1. Establish the G2L education network in Europe
  2. Identify training needs
  3. Develop a training program
  4. Organize program delivery
  5. Implement the five programs outlined above
  6. Evaluate and project debrief.