Présentations du Symposium sur le Passeport biologique de l’athlète (PBA)

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LUNDI 5 NovembrE 2018

Veuillez noter que ces présentations ne sont disponibles qu'en anglais.

09:30 The ABP in 2018 - Reid Aikin

10:00 10 years of the ABP - Pierre-Edouard Sottas

11:30 Collaboration in the ABP: Practical Elements and Lessons Learned - Tiia Kuuranne 

Coordination of Testing around Major Events (ME) - Neil Robinson

14:00 Role of an ABP Expert and Forensic Evidence - Giuseppe d’Onofrio

14:15 How to Write a Scientific Expertise - Olaf Schumacher

14:30 Practical Elements for Experts - Jakob Mørkeberg

14:45 WADA Expert Education Resources - Marcia MacDonald

Workshop A1: Haematological Module

15:00 Known Blood Doping Patterns - Michel Audran

Blood Doping Pattern - Giuseppe D’Onofrio

Plasma Volume, Altitude & the ABP - Louisa Lobigs

Workshop A2: Steroidal Module

16:10 Steroid Module in Blood - Martial Saugy

16:30 Diseases/ Conditions Affecting the Steroid Profile in Blood - Eberhard Nieschlag

Stream B: ADOs – Results management

14:30 ADO Result Management - Case Studies II - Mehmet Yogurtcuoglu

ABP Case Studies - Dominique Leroux

Results Management for ABP Cases - Tony Jackson

15:35 Lessons from CAS: ABP in the Courtroom - Mario Vigna

MARDI 6 NovembrE 2018

09:00 Summary of Day 1 Workshops - Marcia MacDonald

09:10 Legal aspects of Running an ABP Case - Dominique Leroux

09:40 From Collecting Information to Sharing Intelligence - Francois Marclay

Integrating Intelligence with an ABP Program - Julian Broseus

Integrating Intelligence with an ABP Program - Rüştü Güner

11:00 ADAMS and the ABP - Stuart Kemp

11:20 Athlete Performance Monitoring - Sergei Iljukov

11:40 What Analytical Tests to Order and When - Tiia Kuuranne

Stream C: APMUs and Laboratories

13:20 Role of the APMU and Principles of TD2019APMU - Peter Van Eenoo

13:35 The APMU Approval Process - Reid Aikin

14:10 Advancing an ABP case – role of APMU - Leen Lootens

14:30 Managing Sample Validity, Analytical and Pre-analytical Issues - Norbert Baume

14:50 Application of GC-C-IRMS in the ABP - Xavier de la Torre

15:30 Group work – Cases and Questions

Stream D: ADOs - Testing

13:20 ABP Testing Essentials - Matthew Fedoruk

13:40 Sharing Passports, Testing, and Expertise - the Nordic Experience - Jenny Schulze

14:00 Running an Effective ABP Program for a Major Event - Edwin Castillo & Naomi Speers

14:20 The ABP Experience from Italy - Alessia di Gianfrancesco

MERCREDI 7 NovembrE 2018

09:00 Summary of Day 2 Workshops - Marcia MacDonald

10:00 ABP: Ethical Challenges - Pascal Borry

10:20 Dried Blood Spot Testing and Potential for the ABP - Matt Fedoruk

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