Education Guidelines

Education Guidelines & Information outline current, accurate, practical information to help protect clean sport and ensure compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code. These documents ensure stakeholders have the information they need, so that they can abide by anti-doping rules and regulations.

Education and Information Guidelines

Information/Education Guidelines to Prevent Doping in Sport The Guidelines support ADOs in the development, implementation, delivery, and evaluation of an effective core education program within a broader anti-doping program that also actively addresses deterrence and detection. Concrete examples are included to put concepts and principles into context. Worksheets and plans help with program development.

ADO Guide to the Code

ADO Reference Guide The ADO Reference Guide to the Code outlines the changes in the 2015 Code and highlights what Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) should focus on going forward from a practical standpoint. It should be noted that the Guide is neither a substitute for the language of the Code, nor for the anti-doping rules of an ADO. The language of the Code is always the primary source. 

Research Package for Anti-Doping Organizations

Research Package for Anti-Doping Organizations The Research Package provides a standardized method of measuring athletes' responses to important issues in anti-doping. This helps assess the effectiveness of education programs and allows for comparisons between athlete populations around the globe.


A Handbook for the Evaluation of Anti-Doping Education Programs

Handbook for the Evaluation of Anti-Doping Education Programs The Evaluation Handbook is designed to help anti-doping organizations (ADOs) to develop a framework for their education programs and provide guidance on how best to monitor and evaluate these programs. This will help ADOs determine how effective their programs are, how to improve them, and illustrate the importance of education and prevention within a broader anti-doping program.