Say NO! To Doping

Say NO! To Doping is an awareness campaign designed to unite anti-doping organizations in their support for clean sport.


Brief History

Say NO! to Doping was launched in collaboration with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), whereby ice hockey players trained and warmed up using green pucks instead of the usual black. Other organizations have created large banners to hang at major events, broadcast Say NO! to Doping videos on large jumbo-trons and used the Say NO! to Doping logo on uniform items.

A Versatile, Creative and Customizable Campaign

The campaign allows stakeholders to customize an approach that best fits their needs and resources.

Sport and anti-doping communities can show their commitment to clean sport by incorporating the SAY NO! TO DOPING logo and other green elements throughout competition venues, on uniforms, promotional material and sports equipment.


Implementing the campagin is easy. There are 3 steps to follow:

1.   Prepare Your Event

Check the sporting calendar and find events and large meetings to promote the Say NO! to Doping message. Then determine the resources (time, budget and staff) you have available to commit to the program and write us to discuss your project.

2.   Collaborate With Us to Produce Your Promotional Material

Plan promotional collateral such as banners, flags and brochures to support the Say NO! to Doping message. Work with us to produce anti-doping resources and information (see WADA Outreach Model) to include at these major events and to support the Say NO! to Doping campaign.

You also have to select a piece of sports equipment that could be produced in green and used in warm-up sessions and/or as promotional give-aways. We will work together in branding the material appropriately. We recommend to challenge athletes or teams to find other opportunities to use the equipment and raise awareness about Play True.

3.   Promote Your Project

Write a press release and invite media to visit and write about the Say NO! to Doping campaign at each event. Use social media and encourage athletes and their networks to get involved.


Our Commitment 

To ensure that the Say NO! to Doping campaign is easy to implement with high impact, WADA will provide:

  • Marketing brochure which further outlines the campaign.
  • Mock-ups and templates of materials, banners and other promotional items using the logo.
  • Visual examples of marketing booths and displays.
  • On-going ideas and communication from experienced WADA staff, including education experts, who can help further build your education strategy.

Partnering with WADA on the Say NO! to Doping Campaign will also give you access to all of its social media networks to further promote your messages on the global stage.

For more information or to sign up to the Say NO! to Doping campaign, please visit our Contact us page.