Play True Day frames

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Here are the visuals to use for Play True Day (10 April).

How to use the Frames: 

  1. Download the frame of your choice (Frame 1 or Frame 2).
  2. Choose a picture to use in the frame (the image should be a minimum of 600x600px, ideally 1000x1000px).
  3. Use a program to layer the two images (Photoshop, or others).
  4. If you don't have such a program, you can use Pixlr, a free online tool.
  5. Open your chosen image, and then add the frame on top. (By clicking "Add Image" on Pixlr).
  6. Save it as a JPG or PNG.
  7. Use it on social media with #PlayTrueDay.

If you don't have an image to use in the frames, you can also download our standalone graphic here

Publication date 2 April 2019
Language English
Play True
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