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GH-2004: The development of a methodology for detecting abuse with growth hormone in sport

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Project Title: GH-2004: The development of a methodology for detectiong abuse with Growth Hormone in sport

Researchers: P. Sönksen, R. Holt (The School of Medicine, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK), D. Cowan (Drug Control Centre, King’s College London, UK), E. Bassett (University of Kent, Canterbury, UK)

Year accepted: 2002

Summary: The first part of the project, which was funded by WADA, measured serum IGF-I and P-III-P in blood samples obtained from 242 male and 62 female elite athletes from different ethnic backgrounds within 2 hours of the end of competition at 9 international sporting events in 13 disciplines. The study showed that although there are small differences (<20%) in the concentrations of IGF-I and P-III-P between different ethnic groups, the majority of values for individuals of non-white European background lie within the normal range for the white European subjects.

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