The Mahmoud Khalifah Ali Award

The Mahmoud Khalifah Ali Award was created by WADA to recognize outstanding contributions to the RADO Program.

The award is in honour of Mr. Ali Khalifah, who passed away in 2011.

Mr Ali Khalifah was the former Director of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Anti-Doping Department and was instrumental in the fight against doping in sport in Asia, especially in the establishment and development of the five Asian RADOs.

In 2018, the Mahmoud Khalifah Ali Award was presented to three deserving recipients, Dr. Adrian Lorde (Chairperson of the Caribbean RADO), Dr. Kamal Al Hadidi (Chairperson of the West Asia RADO) and Dr Kipchoge Keino (Honorary Chair of Africa Zone V RADO).

Please find below the list of past recipients :

  • Natanya Potoi – Executive Officer, Oceania RADO (2014)
  • Nadiah Al Shamali – Director General, Gulf States and Yemen RADO (2014)
  • Venera Abdulla – Manager, Central Asia RADO (2014)
  • Gobinathan Nair – Director General, South East Asia RADO (2016)
  • David Howman – Former Director General, WADA (2016)
  • David Julien – Former Manager, NADO/RADO Relations, WADA (2016)
  • Graeme Steel – Former Chief Executive, Drug Free Sport New Zealand (2017)
Publication date 24 April 2018
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