Recommendations Concerning the Rule Review Process

In order to ensure a timely review by WADA of anti-doping rules, regulations and/or legislation (in cases where the World Anti-Doping Code is implemented through legislation), Signatories are kindly asked to follow this procedure:

  1. Signatories provide WADA with a Word version of their draft rules/regulations/legislation. We recommend that the drafts are sent to WADA prior to the beginning of the process leading to their formal adoption. Signatories can send their drafts to
  2. Upon receipt of the draft, WADA has three weeks to review it, based on the specific requirement related to the ISO9001:2015 certification of WADA’s Code Compliance Monitoring Program. If the draft is in line with the World Anti-Doping Code (Code), WADA will inform the Signatory concerned accordingly.

    If amendments to the draft are needed in order to bring it into line with the Code, WADA will provide the Signatory with the draft incorporating WADA’s comments and suggested edits (usually in track change mode).
  3. Upon receipt of WADA’s feedback, Signatories are encouraged to modify the drafts in track change mode based on WADA’s comments. This will allow WADA to see what edits have been made, and greatly speed up the rule review process.
  4. Once the drafts have been amended, Signatories should send the revised version to for further review.
  5. Steps 2 through 4 are repeated until WADA considers the draft to be in line with the Code.

Should Anti-Doping Organizations that are subject to WADA’s Compliance Monitoring Program have any comment, question or suggestion concerning the process outlined above and their experience with the Program, please send them to .