Program Development Impact Area

The mission of WADA’s Program Development Impact Area is to systematically enable ADOs to become sustainable and effective organizations that deliver Code compliant anti-doping programs.

This transversal impact area was developed to identify needs of ADOs, considering compliance issues and trends. It enables us to better address these needs and gaps in collaboration with our other functional areas, maximizing the use of our resources and tools.

Effective institutions are key to sustainable anti-doping growth. Under the World Anti-Doping Code (Code) and the International Standards,  ADOs produce the policies and procedures, mobilize and manage the resources, and deliver the programs.



The strategic approach is based on the principle that an ADO requires both capacity and capability to achieve organizational competence and sustainability, as well as Code Compliance.

  • Capability Development: To support the planning and delivery of training and education programs for ADO personnel to ensure they are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to implement Code compliant anti-doping programs.

Developing the workforce (anti-doping practitioners) will improve their capability to develop, implement and manage quality anti-doping programs.

  • Capacity Building: To support ADOs in becoming sustainable organizations with adequate legal framework, sound governance, effective management, adequate organizational infrastructure, and sufficient resources (human and financial).



Considering current compliance and development needs, the Program Development Impact Area has launched, in coordination with our relevant departments and programs, the following development projects:

  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) Development Project (2021-2023): With a focus on NADOs and RADOs, this project aims to enhance TUE infrastructure, build TUE capability, and raise awareness on prohibited substances and TUEs.
  • Testing Programs Project for Priority ADOs (2022-2023): The purpose of this project is to assist priority ADOs facing issues in the development and implementation of sustainable Code compliant testing programs. This project has two main objectives:
    • Enhancing ADO testing capacity (programs and resources)
    • Strengthening ADO testing administrator capability
  • Results Management Continental Panels Project (2021-2022): This project supports the RADOs and NADOs in the Americas, Africa, and Asia/Oceania in creating results management continental structures. The purpose is to enhance quality of results management processes and decisions within the RADO Program and ensure RADO countries panels meet the 2021 Code independence requirements.
  • Major Event Organizations Pilot Project (2021-2022): This pilot project has two key objectives:
    • Enhancing WADA’s MEO resources
    • Supporting MEOs/Games in implementing Code compliant anti-doping programs

Finally, this pilot will use this opportunity to enhance local (NADO) capacity and regional capabilities.