Play True Generation

The Play True Generation Program encourages young athletes, their coaches and support personnel to be leaders in promoting and ensuring clean sport. It is a generation that believes that clean sport is one of the fairest and most powerful tools for positive change and growth – one that embraces fair play and respect. Play True Generation

The Play True Generation Program strives to provide young athletes with a platform to demonstrate their commitment to the ideals of fair play and to learn more about doping-free sport. Based on the success of WADA’s Athlete Outreach Program, the Play True Generation Program is delivered during major multi-national, multi-sport events targeting athletes under the age of 18. The Program provides athletes with the opportunity to learn more about their rights and responsibilities with regard to anti-doping, while providing them with a platform to express their opinions about doping-free sport.

WADA believes that by captivating the interest and attention of young athletes, showing them that they are not alone in their decision not to dope, the anti-doping community will have an impact on their decision to compete without doping.

Play True Challenge

Play True Challenge is a computer simulation that was launched during the first Youth Olympic Games, in Singapore, in August 2010. It allows young athletes and young people in general to explore the types of decisions they may be faced with in regards to doping.

By playing Play True Challenge, players learn about:

  • The benefits of good training practices (including good nutrition, hydration and rest)
  • The doping control process
  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)
  • The health consequences of doping
  • The sport consequences of doping (sanctions)
  • The social consequences of doping

Try Play True Challenge now! 

Stakeholders wishing to provide access to Play True Challenge through their Web sites may request a Web sticker (shown below), by contacting WADA Education Manager.

Play True Challenge web stickers