Paoli and Donati Report

On January 22, 2013, representatives from nearly 20 organizations gathered in Lausanne to attend a presentation on the report ‘The Supply of Doping Products and the Potential of Criminal Law Enforcement in Anti-Doping: An Examination of Italy’s Experience', and a related workshop on cooperation between law enforcement and anti-doping organizations hosted by WADA.

The report – written by Dr. Letizia Paoli and Alessandro Donati and funded by WADA – examines the experience of Italy’s anti-doping law, analyzes the production and trade of doping products, and explores the challenges of reducing their supply.

In particular, the authors identify challenges faced by anti-doping law enforcement, including those in the field of international cooperation, and look to draw policy implications from their analysis.

WADA was pleased to support this research. It is now agreed that the fight against doping in sport requires a closer collaboration between law enforcement and anti-doping organizations to gain further effectiveness, as demonstrated by numerous investigations and non-analytical doping cases. The presentation of the report and the ensuing workshop was a valuable opportunity for experts from law enforcement, public authorities, WADA, International Sports Federations and National Anti-Doping Organizations to discuss the impact of national legislation on efforts to reduce the supply of doping substances and the fight against doping in sport, as well as the benefits of law enforcement action and intelligence sharing.
- David Howman, WADA Director General