Outreach Program - Commonwealth champions say NO! to doping

The Outreach Program was developed to inform and unite both athletes and their entourage about anti-doping and the Say NO! to Doping message.

The Program

WADA’s Outreach Program is delivered at major multi-sport events, such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and other regional events. While the program has evolved over time, the following characteristics remain central to the success and effectiveness of WADA’s Program in particular, and of outreach in general:


WADA sets up its Athlete Outreach Center in a high-visibility area that receives a great deal of athlete traffic throughout the sporting event. Athletes are encouraged to visit the Center when and as often as it is most convenient for them so that they feel comfortable asking questions about anti-doping issues.

One-on-One Interaction

Anti-doping experts and retired athletes are recruited from around the world to staff the Center. This format allows athletes to ask their anti-doping questions to peers and experts, enforcing the quality and credibility of the anti-doping message.


Athletes visiting the Center play interactive computer games that allow them to test their knowledge about anti-doping. Participants are rewarded for their efforts. At some events, athletes can sign a “Pledge to Doping-Free Sport” banner that is displayed at the Center throughout the event.

Information Material

WADA’s print material, such as the Athlete Guide and the Prohibited List, available in multiple languages, also provides important information about the athlete’s responsibilities under the World Anti-Doping Code and the consequences of doping.

outreach Model

In an effort to provide stakeholders with the tools necessary to deliver their own outreach activities, WADA created the Outreach Model.

By adopting the Outreach Model, National Anti-Doping Organizations, National Olympic Committees, International Federations, National Federations and other sports organizations can easily and efficiently deliver outreach in their own countries or sports.

This comprehensive, turn-key program is provided at no cost to stakeholders from WADA and is available in English, French and Spanish.