4 October 2019

WADA announces Program Development and NADO/RADO Relations Team

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) wishes to update its stakeholders about recent structural and staff changes in its Program Development and National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO)/Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO) Relations (PDNRR) team.

In January 2019, a ‘stand-alone’ PDNRR Department was established within WADA. While the activities of this Department have been an integral part of WADA’s strategic priorities for years, they were previously combined with the Agency’s Education activities. After careful review, WADA recognized the increasing importance of these critical activities; and, as a result, decided to separate Education and PDNRR into stand-alone Departments. Since this time, the new Director of PDNRR, Tom May, has been busy staffing the Department; and, in cooperation with WADA’s Regional Offices in Cape Town, Lausanne, Montevideo and Tokyo, revising the overall strategy for the NADO and RADO programs.

With the staffing of the PDNRR Department now complete, we are pleased to announce the team that will further develop and implement this strategy in collaboration with WADA’s partners:

1. Mr. Tom May – Director

  • Responsible for overall activities of the Department and the development, implementation and monitoring of WADA’s RADO and NADO relations strategies;
  • Facilitates the work of WADA’s NADO Advisory Group.

2. Ms. Ieva Lukosiute-Stanikuniene – Senior Manager

  • Responsible for implementation of the NADO program strategy;
  • Supports activities of the Central Asia RADO, the Eastern Europe RADO and the Gulf States and Yemen RADO.

3. Mr. Francisco Leon Cannock – Senior Manager

  • Responsible for implementation of the RADO program strategy;
  • Supports activities of the Caribbean RADO, the Central America RADO, the South America RADO and the Southeast Asia RADO.

4. Ms. Michèle Mercier – Manager

  • Supports activities of the West Asia RADO, the Africa Zone I RADO, the Africa Zone II & III RADO and the Indian Ocean RADO.

5. Ms. Ying Cui – Manager

  • Supports activities of the Africa Zone V RADO, the Africa Zone VI RADO, the South Asia RADO and the Oceania RADO.

6. Ms. Caroline Hébert – Coordinator

  • Responsible for implementation of the RADO testing and staffing grants.

7. Ms. Pascale Jean-François – Assistant

  • Provides support to all PDNRR Department activities.

Tom May stated: “With over 70 years of collective experience in anti-doping, I am confident that the Program Development and NADO/RADO Relations team, in collaboration with the Regional Offices, will deliver the necessary support that the NADO and RADO communities need. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with our stakeholders to ensure that all NADOs and RADOs are implementing effective anti-doping programs that are compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code and supporting athletes in the protection of clean sport. Reinforcing this area of activity responds to the demand by athletes that WADA ensures effective anti-doping programs in all countries and in all sports.” 

For further information regarding WADA’s Program Development and NADO/RADO Relations, please contact wada.program.development@wada-ama.org.