18 April 2019
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WADA shares main outcomes from National Anti-Doping Organization Advisory Group Meeting

On 15-16 April, the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) Advisory Group met at WADA’s headquarters in Montreal to discuss various matters of interest to NADOs worldwide. The Group, which is chaired by Rune Andersen of Anti-Doping Norway and is comprised of 10 NADO experts from around the world, provides expert advice and guidance to WADA Management with respect to NADOs within the global anti-doping community.

Some main outcomes from the Group’s two-day meeting include the following:

  • The Group emphasized the importance of improved athlete engagement for the protection of clean sport. It encourages the NADO community to work together to review and determine how best to engage athletes. To assist in these discussions, the Group will develop a discussion paper related to NADO athlete engagement for discussion at its next meeting.
  • The Group commended WADA on its extensive work to date in monitoring compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code (Code). They agreed that a strong Compliance Monitoring Program is critical and encourages WADA to review the lessons learned to date, evaluate the program and improve it as needed. This includes strengthening the mandatory requirements for all Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs).
  • The Group congratulated WADA and the Code Drafting Team for the progress and work to date on the 2021 Code and International Standards review process and believes the proposed changes to the Code and International Standards will improve the global anti-doping program.
  • The Group regards anti-doping program development as a key priority for both WADA and the anti-doping community; and, encourages NADOs to support and assist each other in developing the necessary structures and programs globally.
  • The Group believes that it is critical for NADOs to be independent in their ability to make decisions that are in accordance with the Code and International Standards, without external influence or pressure. Operational independence for all ADOs, including NADOs, must be the baseline; however, further independence should be the goal.

WADA Management will present the outcomes of the Group’s meeting to the WADA Foundation Board on 16 May.