1 February 2019
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WADA launches two new privacy and security training resources

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to release two new privacy and security training resources on its Anti-Doping e-Learning Platform (ADeL).

These resources aim to raise awareness about privacy and information security matters in the anti-doping community, and to help anti-doping administrators train athletes, staff and other anti-doping stakeholders about these issues.

The first resource, Information Security Awareness for Everyone (iSAFE), is a ten-minute, video-based course designed to help athletes, coaches, anti-doping administrators and other stakeholders identify common security threats and protect themselves against them. iSAFE teaches learners safe practices that can be implemented in day-to-day anti-doping activities, including when using web and app-based anti-doping tools like ADAMS. Learners must view all six of the videos and complete the quiz at the end of the course to obtain a completion certificate.

The second resource is a Privacy Protection module within the ADO Kickstart reference tool for anti-doping administrators. This module is based on the new Privacy Protection Guidelines published by WADA in December 2018 and features step-by-step processes to help administrators implement the revised International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information (ISPPPI).

To access these new training resources, simply register on ADeL or log in to your existing account. Both iSAFE and the new Privacy Protection module, which are currently available only in English, will be featured on your account home page if relevant to the role associated with your account. 

For any questions or to provide feedback on these resources, please direct your emails to adel@wada-ama.org.