21 December 2018
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WADA publishes revised International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to publish the revised International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (ISTUE), which will come into force on 1 January 2019.

This new version of the ISTUE was approved by WADA’s Executive Committee (ExCo) at its 20 September 2018 meeting. It brings the ISTUE in line with the revised International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information (ISPPPI), which was adopted by the ExCo in May 2018.

The Agency has also revised certain templates relating to other Standards that Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) may use in conducting their anti-doping program activities. Most templates sit at the model guidelines level of the World Anti-Doping Program. These guidelines are not mandatory but offer technical guidance to ADOs in the implementation of their programs. The Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) application form template, which includes the “athlete’s declaration”, is currently an annex to the ISTUE and therefore any changes made to it require approval from the ExCo.

In the interest of ensuring that only key changes to International Standards are put forward for ExCo approval moving forward, the TUE application form has now been removed as an annex to the ISTUE and placed at the model guidelines level along with other guidance tools for ADOs.

Please note below the summary of changes to the revised ISTUE:

  1. Page 1 has been updated to 2019 version
  2. Annex 2 - TUE application form template has been removed

    Article 6.1 of the ISTUE stipulates that the TUE application form must be based on WADA’s template. It may be modified by ADOs to include additional requests for information, but no sections or items may be removed.
  3. Minor change under Article 6.1 where it is mentioned that the template will be available on the WADA website
  4. The table of contents has been modified to reflect the removal of the TUE application form template

Should you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact medical@wada-ama.org.