17 July 2018

WADA publishes annual audit conclusions of Agency’s Intelligence and Investigations Department

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) publishes the ‘conclusions and potential improvements’, which resulted from the Agency’s first annual audit of its independent Intelligence and Investigations (I&I) Department.

In keeping with article 9(a) of WADA’s Intelligence and Investigations (I&I) Policy, on an annual basis, an Independent Supervisor is required to conduct an audit of the I&I Department.

Such audits are intended to ensure that the I&I Department’s work continuously and rigorously satisfies best practices, follows the applicable laws and regulations, and protects the rights and privacy of individuals.

The first annual audit was conducted by Independent Supervisor, Mr. Jacques Antenen, in April 2018. Mr. Antenen is currently Commander of the Vaud Cantonal Police in Switzerland. He is a former Investigating Judge of the Canton of Vaud and Special Federal Prosecutor of the Swiss Confederation.

Once a year, prior to WADA’s first annual Executive Committee meeting, the Independent Supervisor is required to submit a written report to WADA’s Director General and Executive Committee; and, once approved by the Committee, the conclusions of the report are to be made public on WADA’s website.