31 October 2017
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WADA Compliance Review Committee Update

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) independent Compliance Review Committee (CRC), which is a WADA Standing Committee, held a meeting from 24-25 October 2017 in Montreal, Canada to discuss, in particular the:


The CRC was updated by WADA Management and one of the Agency’s independent experts, Peter Nicholson, who, since April 2016, has been working with RUSADA to help rebuild Russia’s anti-doping program. The CRC received a report on the outcomes of WADA’s audit of RUSADA that was conducted from 27-29 September 2017; most notably:

  • progress against the requirements set out in RUSADA’s “Roadmap to compliance”; and
  • RUSADA’s anti-doping operations.

The CRC will make a recommendation as to RUSADA’s compliance status to WADA’s 16 November Foundation Board meeting in Seoul, Korea.


The CRC reviewed stakeholder feedback regarding the second draft of the ISCCS and related Code provisions; and, discussed changes to be made to the third draft of the ISCCS and related Code provisions. Given the broad consensus among stakeholders in support of the ISCCS, the third draft will be presented for approval to WADA’s Executive Committee and Foundation Board meetings in Seoul on 15-16 November respectively.


The CRC received updates on other compliance activities and matters; and, noted the positive outcomes achieved by Signatories through the implementation of WADA’s enhanced Compliance Monitoring Program.

The CRC is responsible for providing independent advice, guidance and recommendations to WADA’s Management and Foundation Board on matters relating to Signatories' compliance with their obligations under the Code.

For more information on Code compliance, please visit the Code Compliance section of WADA’s website.