1 September 2017

WADA launches Phase II of stakeholder consultation on Compliance Standard

Today, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) launches, and invites stakeholders to participate in, Phase II of a stakeholder consultation process regarding:

  1. review of a limited number of World Anti-Doping Code (Code) articles related to Code compliance; and 
  2. a new International Standard for Code Compliance by Signatories (ISCCS) to support the revised Code articles. 

[Note: These documents are available in English only.]
The consultation process, which commenced with Phase I on 1 June 2017, is further to the WADA Foundation Board’s 18 May 2017 approval of development of a framework that outlines:

  • Code Signatories’ rights and responsibilities;
  • the ways WADA supports Signatories in achieving, maintaining and, where applicable, regaining Code compliance; and
  • a range of graded, proportionate and predictable consequences that could be levied in situations of non-compliance with the Code by a Signatory.

Development of this framework necessitates amendment to a limited number of Code provisions related to compliance; and, development of an ISCCS. In keeping with article 23.7 of the Code, WADA initiated this consultation process to receive and respond to recommendations; and, to facilitate review and feedback from athletes and other stakeholders – all with the view to seeking Executive Committee and Foundation Board approval in November 2017 and the changes entering into effect in early 2018.

The consultation process is overseen by WADA’s independent Compliance Review Committee (CRC) with updates to, and approvals by, the WADA Executive Committee and Foundation Board at relevant milestones.

WADA wishes to thank all stakeholders who submitted comments on Drafts 1.0 during Phase I of consultation between 1 June and 31 July 2017. All comments were carefully reviewed and resulted in changes reflected in Drafts 2.0. 

 To submit comments on Drafts 2.0 via WADAConnect
For Phase II, we would ask you to propose recommendations no later than 14 October 2017 via WADAConnect, the Agency’s online consultation platform. 

Easy to use, WADAConnect will prompt you to create a user account and input your comments regarding aspects of the Code review and/or the ISCCS that are of particular interest to you.

For more information related to WADAConnect, please refer to the simple user guide.

Consultation Timeline

In terms of the broader consultation timeline, if following review of those comments that come in from Phase II, it appears that there is sufficient consensus to proceed without a further round of formal consultation; third drafts will be developed for circulation to WADA’s Executive Committee and Foundation Board on 31 October -- prior to being presented to the Committee and Board for approval on 15 and 16 November respectively.

You are asked, to the extent possible, to draw on your practical experiences and propose recommendations that would benefit the fight for clean sport worldwide. We also encourage you to, as much as possible, provide ‘proposed wording’ in your submissions.

Please note that, in the interest of transparency, WADA is publishing all comments on its website at the end of each Phase of the consultation process; and that, stakeholder credentials -- such as user name, organization and organization type -- will be posted along with the comments unless WADA is otherwise notified.

For more information, please visit the Code/International Standard review section of our website and/or the following Backgrounder.