11 April 2017

2018 Social Science Research Grant Program (Administered in 2017)

WADA issues a call for proposals for its 2018 Social Science Research Grant Program.

For the 2018 Program, in addition to the topics below, WADA’s Education Committee is making an open call for proposals.

  • Measuring the effectiveness of existing anti-doping interventions and strategies
  • Understanding the experience and role of athlete support personnel in the pursuit of clean sport and doping prevention 
  • Understanding how athletes and stakeholders view the legitimacy of anti-doping rules and the wider anti-doping system

Proposals can be submitted from univeristies, colleges, small businesses, for profit and not-profit organizations.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 3 July 2017 (00:00 GMT). All submissions will be evaluated by external peer reviewers, whose recommendations will then be examined by WADA’s Social Science Research Review Panel and Education Committee before being presented to WADA’s Executive Committee for approval. WADA will notify all applicants of the outcome in December 2017.

For further information, regarding the 2018 Social Science Research Grant Program, including the application process, please visit the research grants application platform.