26 May 2016

Sochi Investigation: Media and Communications Policy

On 19 May, Professor Richard H. McLaren was appointed as the Independent Person (IP) heading the Sochi investigation.  Professor McLaren is tasked with investigating the allegations made in relation to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, which were published by CBS 60 Minutes and The New York Times on 8 and 12 May respectively.

As it relates to media queries/interview requests, please find linked the Media and Communications policy, which states that:

  • In order to allow the Investigation to proceed as quickly and effectively as possible, the IP will refrain from public/media commentary until the Investigation is completed and his Report has been published. 
  • The IP will provide the WADA President with his Report by 15 July 2016 at the latest.  It will be published in full by WADA. Should this publication not be done within 5 days of the receipt of the Report by WADA, the IP is entitled to publish the Report itself.
  • Upon publication of the Report, the IP will engage in public/media commentary as it relates to the outcomes of the Investigation.

In keeping with the Investigation’s Terms of Reference, the IP will have independent advisors determined by him with whom he can consult as required. As it relates to Communications and Media, the following Independent Media Consultant to the IP has been engaged to, among other things, handle media queries and interview requests related to the Sochi Investigation:

Independent Media Consultant to the IP, Catherine Doyle
Phone: +1 514-641-3266

All other media queries/interview requests intended for WADA, excluding the Sochi Investigation, should be directed to the following WADA media contacts:

Media Relations Senior Manager, Ben Nichols
Phone: +1 514-904-8820

Communications Coordinator, Maggie Durand
Phone : +1 514-904-8738