26 May 2016

Remarks concerning the Sochi Investigation made by Athlete Committee Chair, Beckie Scott, to the PASO Athlete Forum

On 25 May 2016, Athlete Committee Chair, Beckie Scott addressed the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) Athlete Forum in Miami, Florida.  Within her speech, Ms. Scott made the following remarks concerning the Sochi Investigation, which the IOC Athletes’ Commission and the WADA Athlete Committee have asked be shared via the WADA website:

As a follow-up to WADA’s Foundation Board meeting held on 12 May, and in light of the recent allegations by Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov regarding Russian doping, the WADA Athlete Committee and the IOC Athletes’ Commission jointly submitted a letter to the WADA and the IOC. 

The letter outlined a number of our concerns and what we believed were appropriate next steps.  As the representatives of clean athletes, we felt it crucial that there be a degree of independence, swiftness, transparency, and cooperation incorporated into the investigation.

Like many in the athlete community, we were deeply troubled by Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov’s allegations in the NY Times relating to the Sochi Olympics and Russian doping. If proved true, these demonstrate an organized and sophisticated attempt to deceive and corrupt the very system designed to guarantee clean sport.

We are pleased that WADA has now initiated the Sochi Investigation into Dr. Rodchenkov’s allegations, and are encouraged to see the investigation given a broad mandate, including the Paralympics. We appreciate the appointment of Richard McLaren and the independence he will bring to the investigation. Claudia Bokel (IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair) and I (as Chair of  the WADA Athlete Committee) have so far taken part in the investigation and we look forward to continued, and appropriate engagement.

We are optimistic that the investigation will uncover the truth in the coming weeks.

The IOC Athletes’ Commission and the WADA Athlete Committee remain committed to clean athletes and clean sport.  We will continue being the voice of athletes and pressing for what we believe is right.