15 April 2016

WADA Talks with Beckie Scott

For the third WADA Talks of 2016, we sat down with Beckie Scott, Olympic Gold-Medallist and Chair of WADA’s Athlete Committee to discuss the challenges of competing as a clean athlete and why she chose to personally take on the fight to protect clean sport.

In the interview, Beckie discusses her first-hand experience of dealing with competitors’ doping, and going on to win an Olympic gold medal two years after the race of her life at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games. She still remembers feeling “gutted” and “distraught” when she realized some of her fellow athletes/competitors were cheating. “Obviously I did get a gold medal at the end of the day, but it wasn’t the same as stepping on the podium that day with the gold medal; and any opportunities for endorsement or sponsorships had long past so there was no opportunity to profit from that at the time” she says.

Scott also reveals that it was her mother who encouraged her to take on an active role in the anti-doping movement when, during a conversation, she told her: “unless you are speaking out against the issue, you are part of the problem!”

Regarding the role of athletes in protecting clean sport, Scott says: “I believe that athletes have the power to change and shape the culture of their sport. If they really do feel strongly about anti-doping and fair sport, they really are the ones who need to create the momentum in their movement and work together”.

WADA Talks sees the agency’s Senior Manager, Media Relations and Communications, Ben Nichols, interviewing leading figures from the athlete community, sport, government and other partners involved in the clean sport movement.

To watch WADA Talks with Beckie Scott, and to see other videos from the Agency’s collection, please visit the WADA Talks Playlist on WADA’s YouTube Channel.