9 November 2015

WADA Statement on Independent Commission Report

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has issued its initial response to the Report that was issued by WADA’s Independent Commission (IC) earlier today. The findings will be of serious concern and disappointment to clean athletes and sports fans worldwide, as they highlight deficiencies and concerns with the anti-doping program relating to athletics in Russia.

WADA is examining the recommendations set out in the IC’s Report; in particular, those that relate to WADA and that require the consideration by WADA’s Foundation Board in Colorado Springs on 18 November.

There are certain recommendations that can be attended to immediately; such as, steps to be taken in relation to the laboratory in Moscow.  WADA will report fully on the steps that can be taken under the Code and International Standards when appropriate protocols have been followed and completed.

We will make no further comment at this time.