12 November 2015

WADA Publishes Research Package for ADOs

WADA is pleased to inform you that a Social Science Research Package for Anti-Doping Organizations is now available.

This research package, which includes a standard questionnaire, was designed to assist anti-doping organizations (ADOs) measure athletes’ beliefs and behaviors with respect to doping, and to assess the effectiveness of anti-doping programs.

The project addresses the need to:

  1. standardize measurements (e.g. morality, personality) to make comparisons between studies more reliable;
  2. apply ‘real world’ settings that reflect the realities ADOs face; and
  3. facilitate practical implications of the research.  

The standard questionnaire is intended to:

  • Provide a standard ‘How To’ guide on assessing and researching education programs
  • Help gain insight into under-researched countries and sports
  • Provide cross-country comparisons
  • Assess where further education is required
  • Assist ADOs in developing more effective education programs  
  • Provide ADOs without resources to commission research with a tool to assess their own programs in a cost-effective and robust manner

We hope that this Research Package for ADOs will be helpful in supporting research and evaluation efforts as they relate to the effectiveness of anti-doping programs.