11 November 2015

WADA publishes Independent Observer Report for the 2015 European Games

WADA has completed and published its Independent Observer (IO) Report on the anti-doping program at the 1st European Games held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Led by Frederic Donzé, WADA’s Director, European Regional Office and International Federation Relations, and Stuart Kemp, WADA’s Deputy Director of Standards & Harmonization, the Independent Observer (IO) program in Baku adopted a cooperative approach which saw WADA and its experts partner with the European Olympic Committees (EOC) to optimize anti-doping efforts.

The IO program in Baku sought to identify opportunities for improvement and address them collaboratively rather than only report on matters retrospectively. This approach included advance communication between the EOC, WADA, the games organizing committee (BEGOC), as well as BEGOC’s contracted service provider, PWC, all well before the Games themselves.

A full copy of the Independent Observer Report for the 2015 European Games can be found on WADA's website.