12 August 2015

WADA seeks stakeholder nominations for four committees

The World Anti-Doping Agency has written to its stakeholders announcing that it is seeking nominations for candidates to take up positions on its four standing committees next year, beginning on 1 January 2016.

The call for candidates is “in accordance with its policy for committee composition and rotation,” WADA said.

The committees are:

• Athlete Committee

• Education Committee

• Finance and Administration Committee

• Health, Medical and Research Committee.

The current composition of the Committees can be found on our website.

Submissions should include an appropriate letter of endorsement and a curriculum vitae providing full information on the candidate’s experience and expertise.

The deadline for nominations for the WADA committees is Friday 9 October, and all nominations should be forwarded to Marjorie Chinnarassen of WADA’s Executive Office (fax +1 514 904 8743 or email marjorie.chinnarassen@wada-ama.org).