12 December 2014

Statement from WADA Athlete Chair Beckie Scott

On behalf of the members of the WADA Athlete Committee, I would like to make a statement of strong support for WADA’s decision to launch a full and thorough investigation into the allegations made on German television during the past week.
As Chair of the body which represents the interests of clean athletes, I know I express the feelings of the overwhelming majority of athletes worldwide in saying how very disappointed I was to learn of the allegations, which pose a serious threat to the integrity and fairness of sport.
These allegations – which disturbingly range from systematic doping to bribery and corruption – are deeply troubling to the athlete community worldwide, not to mention the wider public, all of whom seek to retain their full confidence in clean sport, competed on a level playing field.

It is vital that the rights of the clean athlete continue to be protected, and that clean, fair sport is allowed to prosper.

I am confident that WADA’s decision to undertake a full investigation will bring us one step closer to the clean athlete’s fundamental right to participate in doping-free sport, and that once that investigation is complete, the appropriate actions will follow in line with the rules of the Code.

As we enter this new chapter of anti-doping, I believe I speak for clean athletes worldwide in encouraging all organizations – whether they be sports federations, event organizations or anti-doping organizations – to implement the 2015 Code as quickly and effectively as possible. All of the main changes – stronger sanctions, rules that cover the athlete entourage, smarter testing – will help us keep sport clean.