5 November 2014

WADA Director General Statement on Andy Parkinson’s contribution to Anti-Doping

WADA would like to acknowledge the contribution made to anti-doping by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) Chief Executive Andy Parkinson.

Following the news that he will depart UKAD to begin a new role as Chief Executive Officer of British Rowing at the start of 2015, I would on behalf of WADA like to place on record our thanks to Andy for his significant efforts to seek doping-free  sport for clean athletes over the past twelve years.

From the time he commenced with the IPC in 2003 as anti-doping manager, through his period in the UK culminating in his leadership of the then new body UKAD, Andy has been fully committed in creating awareness of the dangers of doping, using new tools to detect the cheating athlete and also supporting the global efforts headed by WADA.

Andy played a key role as the present Chair of the Ad Hoc European Committee for WADA. In 2008, he was a member of the WADA International Standard for Testing Working Group, and for a number of years has been an integral part of the Independent Observer (IO) missions WADA has conducted at major sport events, including as Chair of the IO Team at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games earlier this year.

On behalf of WADA and the anti-doping community, I wish him well in his future sporting role.