14 October 2014

Athlete Committee members give their anti-doping views in ‘Ask the Athlete’ Campaign

At their recent meeting in Incheon, Korea, WADA’s Athlete Committee members took time out to answer questions from the public as part of WADA’s ‘Ask the Athlete’ social media campaign.

For Ask the Athlete, members of the public were asked to pose their questions to the committee, who then responded through filmed clips on WADA’s YouTube channel.

With questions ranging from Whereabouts to Sanctions, and the use of GPS to the Prohibited List, here is a roundup of the Committee’s responses.

Felipe Contepomi on Anti-Doping Rule Violations and the consequences on teams

Matt Dunn on the Prohibited List

Tony Estanguet on lifetime sanctions for athletes

Ben Sandford on Athete Whereabouts and athlete responsibilities

Beckie Scott on GPS and Athlete Whereabouts