19 August 2014

WADA seeks stakeholder nominations for four committees

The World Anti-Doping Agency has written to its stakeholders announcing that it is seeking nominations for candidates to take up positions on its four standing committees next year, beginning on 1 January 2015.

The call for candidates is “in accordance with its policy for committee composition and rotation,” WADA said.

The committees are:
• Athlete Committee

• Education Committee

• Finance and Administration Committee

• Health, Medical and Research Committee.

The current composition of the Committees can be found here

Submissions should include an appropriate letter of endorsement and a curriculum vitae providing full information on the candidate’s experience and expertise.

The deadline for nominations for the WADA committees is Friday 10 October, and all nominations should be forwarded to Marjorie Chinnarassen of WADA’s Executive Office (fax +1 514 904 8743 or email marjorie.chinnarassen@wada-ama.org).