23 July 2014

Athlete Awareness and Independent Observer Program form WADA role at Glasgow 2014

WADA is in Glasgow, Scotland this week to perform its dual Athlete awareness-Independent Observer role at the XX Commonwealth Games from 23 July – 3 August.

As was the case at previous Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002, Melbourne in 2006 and Delhi in 2010, WADA will operate an Athlete Outreach Center in the Athlete Village, at which anti-doping educators including leading members of its Athlete Committee will promote the clean sport message to competing athletes and their entourages throughout the 12-day sporting spectacle.

The Outreach team will interact with athletes, coaches and support personnel on a one-on-one basis, providing them with useful information on all anti-doping matters. Athletes will have the chance to complete the unique Play True Quiz, which has been previously showcased at major sporting events across the world and at previous Commonwealth Games.

As part of its major multi-sport event mandate, WADA will also have a small Independent Observer (IO) team in place to monitor the anti-doping program run by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) with assistance from UK Anti-Doping.

The Independent Observer team is adopting a different observational approach to that of previous Games. This has already included long-term advance collaboration with the CGF Medical Commission in order to provide increased levels of support prior to the Games, and to increase the efficiency of the games-time program.“WADA will play an important role at Glasgow 2014 through the Athlete Outreach and Independent Observer programs,” said WADA President Sir Craig Reedie.

“Athlete-to-athlete interaction remains one of the most effective ways of getting the clean sport message across, and I am happy that WADA will be well-represented through its Outreach team in Glasgow to remind competitors and their support personnel of their anti-doping rights and responsibilities,” he added.

“Our Independent Observer team will play a crucial part in monitoring anti-doping proceedings, which WADA has every confidence will be carried out professionally and effectively. Once the Games are complete, we intend to publish a new Guideline for Major Event Organizers stating how anti-doping programs for such events can be planned. This Guideline will be modelled on the experience in Glasgow, and we expect this to be a most useful asset for all major multi-sport events in the future.”