3 June 2014

WADA publishes revised hGH Guidelines

WADA has released version 2.1 of the Guidelines for the application of the human Growth Hormone (hGH) Isoform Differential Immunoassays for detection of doping with human Growth Hormone in sport.

This new version of the Guidelines reflects the latest revised Decision Limits applicable to the hGH isoforms method resulting from important scientific work (to be published soon) conducted by two independent teams of statisticians. These Guidelines have been further developed to ensure a harmonized approach in the application of the Isoform Differential Immunoassays for the detection of doping with hGH in sport. The Guidelines continue to provide direction on the sample pre-analytical preparation procedure, the performance of the test(s) and the interpretation and reporting of the test results.

This document, which is complementary to the International Standard for Laboratories, takes effect immediately.

The Guidelines on hGH Isoform Differential Immunoassays for anti-doping analyses is available on WADA's website.

WADA encourages all anti-doping organizations to resume testing without delay and to continue collecting samples as part of their regular anti-doping program.