4 June 2014
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New Guidelines to assist inter-NADO cooperation

Following the June 2013 Anti-Doping Norway symposium, which was held in cooperation with the World Anti-Doping Agency, NADOs have committed to strengthening anti-doping programs through a concerted approach of bilateral collaboration.

The Oslo-based seminar, which involved over 40 personnel from National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs), was organized with the aim of exchanging experiences and discussing critical success factors for bilateral cooperation. As a result of the seminar, and in consultation with NADOs, a guideline has been produced to assist inter-NADO cooperation. The guideline offers a step-by-step process to assist NADOs on how best to approach bilateral cooperation. In addition, a series of templates and guides have been produced to offer practical assistance.

"Anti-Doping Norway has broad experience with bilateral collaboration, amongst others with China and Russia. This type of collaboration contributes in strengthening not only other countries’ anti-doping program, but also your own program" said Anti-Doping Norway Chief Executive, Anders Solheim.

WADA Director General David Howman indicated: “I fully support this approach. The more the well-established NADOs can assist and guide those in need of support, the more we can increase global capacity and the overall effectiveness of the global fight against doping in sport”.

Following the symposium, a guideline and project templates have been developed for use within the NADO community and are available on WADA's website.