14 March 2014
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WADA Director General Statement on advanced method to hGH Biomarkers test

WADA has been following for a while the development of the advanced hGH Biomarkers testing method, in communication with the Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) and United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)-led Scientific Working Group.

We are pleased that advances have been made to the existing hGH Biomarkers test introduced at London 2012. The advanced method, based on mass spectrometry, offers a different and more convenient assay platform as part of the biomarkers test. WADA is in the process of validating the method in combination with other assays.

We are encouraged by the commitment shown by the PCC and USADA-led group, which also included WADA-accredited laboratories. This kind of cooperation and partnership allows the anti-doping community to better protect the rights of clean athletes.

There are currently two different types of test for hGH: the Isoforms test, based on immunoassays, and the Biomarkers test.