12 March 2014
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Athlete Outreach given Latin flavor at 10th South American Games

WADA’s Athlete Outreach team has begun the latest stop on its global campaign to spread awareness on anti-doping in sport by bringing its clean sport message to Chile for the 10th South American Games.

The Games, which are taking place from March 7 – 18 in the Chilean capital, Santiago, involves over 3,000 athletes from 12 South American countries competing in a range of different sporting disciplines.

WADA’s Athlete Outreach team, led by WADA’s Coordinator, Latin America Regional Office, Edna Serra, has been operating a mobile Outreach booth, which has allowed the team to interact with athletes and their support personnel at different locations across Santiago. The Outreach team has provided athletes with useful information on anti-doping, as well as offering the opportunity to take part in a unique Play True Quiz, an interactive game that has been showcased at major sporting events across the world.

“WADA is pleased to have been able to bring its Outreach Program to the 10th South American Games in Chile,” said WADA Director General David Howman.

“Outreach is all about providing awareness for athletes and their entourages, and providing them with an opportunity to interact with anti-doping experts on a one-on-one basis. With the support of our partners, WADA has been able to communicate its fair play message to athletes at the South American Games for the very first time. We look forward to continuing this over the coming days.”