10 February 2014
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WADA Athlete Outreach educates, inspires and creates awareness at Sochi 2014

WADA’s Athlete Outreach team is in full swing at Sochi 2014 with its team of six anti-doping proponents spreading the message of clean sport to athletes and their entourages at the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Russia.

WADA has three separate Outreach booths stationed in the Coastal, Mountain and Endurance Cluster Athlete Villages, where its team of dedicated doping-free sport representatives have been interacting with athletes and their support personnel on a one-on-one basis, providing them with useful information on anti-doping. Athletes have also been taking part in a unique Play True Quiz, an interactive game that has been showcased at major sporting events across the world.

At the center of its Outreach team for Sochi, WADA is pleased to have four-time Olympic sailor Tania Elías Calles from Mexico communicating the clean sport message.

“I am passionate about doing my bit to keep sport clean. Engaging with athletes in this way is very important, as athletes need to know what their rights are in relation to doping, what they must do and what they must be aware of,” said Calles.

“The Outreach team here in Sochi has a wide range of experience, but I feel that being involved myself, as an athlete, is important as I am able to speak their language and I think athletes feel more confident speaking to an athlete, someone that has been in their shoes – they can relate to that.

“Athletes should not see the Outreach booth and be afraid. We are here to educate and inform, and create more awareness of doping and its consequences, and I think that matters a lot.”