14 January 2014
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WADA Content with process that led to Alex Rodriguez doping ban

Statement from WADA President Sir Craig Reedie

WADA is content with the process that led to the ruling by arbitrator Fredric Horowitz to suspend baseball’s Alex Rodriguez for the entire 2014 MLB season following the outcome of the Biogenesis scandal.

Since details first came to light one year ago, WADA has backed the MLB’s action to fully investigate the claims that were made concerning the now-closed Clinic in Miami.

WADA supported the actions taken by the MLB in August in suspending 13 players associated with PEDs concerning the Biogenesis Clinic, and the action it has taken since.

The “clear and convincing evidence” found by Arbitrator Horowitz in this case proves that non-analytical methods have an increasingly important role to play in uncovering those athletes who have breached anti-doping rules. Sharing information and intelligence is something WADA continues to encourage its own stakeholders to do in order to help protect the rights of the clean athlete.

The message from this case is clear - sport no longer relies solely on a positive test to bring those that wish to rob sport of its true values to account. This case proves that the sharing of evidence and intelligence can prove invaluable in keeping sport fair and clean for the vast majority.

The MLB has approached the matter in a professional manner throughout, and has set a high standard for how investigations should be pursued in anti-doping cases. We look forward to continuing our close relationship with the MLB as we aim to protect the rights of the clean athlete and support doping-free sport.