3 January 2014
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President’s Welcome Message

As the new President of WADA, and having been involved with the organization since the start, it is remarkable to think that WADA has only been in existence for under 15 years, particularly when one considers all that has been achieved in this short period of time.

Since its formation in 1999 as an urgent response to a crisis in sport, WADA has evolved into a global leader tasked with harmonizing, coordinating and promoting an effective fight against doping in sport.

WADA is a unique partnership between the sport movement and governments, with its main aim being to protect the clean athlete and provide a level playing field for all. This unique partnership helps foster the combination and complementing of sports’ and governments’ respective resources and assets, and results in a coordinated and cohesive approach to anti-doping. Furthermore, it underlines the fact that if we, the anti-doping community, are to succeed in levelling the playing field, it will require the will of everyone who wants, and believes in, pure and fair sport.

Unfortunately, all these years later, doping still exists in sport, but we can be optimistic with the new revised World Anti-Doping Code which will come into effect on January 1, 2015. This Code goes a long way to answering some of the questions that our community has faced in recent years and, as the President of this organization, I believe that the collaborative approach WADA adopts will spur us all on  to confront the biggest challenge facing Olympic sport today.

The fight against doping in sport has received a major boost with the announcement by the President of the IOC of the creation of a fund of $10 million to be directed to enhance research. This creates a very exciting new opportunity and is gratefully acknowledged by WADA and all its stakeholders.

Collaboration between all stakeholders and a united determination to protect the clean athlete and maintain clean and fair sport must be central to all that we do.

On behalf of the clean athletes across the world, we thank you for your interest and continued support.

Sir Craig Reedie