17 November 2013
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WADA Decision on the status of compliance regarding the Moscow Antidoping Center

WADA has rendered a decision on the status of compliance of the Moscow Antidoping Center.

Pursuant to Article of the International Standard for Laboratories (ISL), whenever WADA has reason to believe that the suspension of a laboratory may be required and that immediate action may be necessary in order to protect the interest of the Anti-doping Community, WADA may immediately suspend a laboratory’s accreditation.

After a careful review of the recommendations and the applicable rules made by the Disciplinary Committee, WADA has decided on the following:

The accreditation of the Moscow Laboratory is suspended for six months, but that suspension shall not come into effect unless:

1. By 1 December 2013 the Moscow Laboratory has failed to engage independent Quality Management experts satisfactory to the WADA Laboratory Expert Group to assist the Moscow Laboratory in drafting, finalizing, implementing and embedding throughout the operations of the Moscow Laboratory a comprehensive Quality Management program that is sufficient to allow everyone to be confident of the accuracy and reliability of results moving forward; and

2. By 1 April 2014 (and allowing within that time-limit for appropriate action and comment by the WADA Laboratory Expert Group those independent Quality Management experts have satisfied this Disciplinary Committee that the Moscow Laboratory has in fact drafted, finalized, implemented and embedded throughout its operations a comprehensive Quality Management program (for which the Moscow Laboratory director will be responsible) that gives the Disciplinary Committee the necessary confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the results reported by the Moscow Laboratory.

If the two above-mentioned conditions are fully satisfied within the specified deadlines (to which no extensions will be granted), then the above referenced six month suspension of accreditation of the Moscow Laboratory shall never come into effect.

However, this shall not affect the right of the WADA Laboratory Expert Group to come forward with a new recommendation in the future where it deems new facts warrant it; and in doing so the WADA Laboratory Expert Group may if it sees fit refer to and rely on the fact of the (suspended) suspension of accreditation imposed further to point 1, above.

While WADA is not the responsible medical authority during the period of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, WADA strongly suggests that the IOC consider appropriate action (including the appointment of necessary experts) to ensure the complete integrity of all analysis performed by the

Moscow Laboratory operating in Moscow and/or in the satellite facility in Sochi.

In accordance with article 13.6 of the World Anti-Doping Code, this decision may be appealed by the Moscow Antidoping Center before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) within 21 days of its notification.