29 November 2013
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Revised Model Rules available for Stakeholders

WADA has developed new Model Rules, which are now available for all stakeholders: National Olympic Committees, International Federations, Major Event Organizations and National Anti-Doping Organizations.

These new Model Rules are designed to assist the above-mentioned organizations in drafting anti-doping rules and bring them in line with the revised World Anti-Doping Code and revised International Standards before they take effect on January 1, 2015.

The new Model Rules can be viewed on WADA’s Web site, alongside the Model Rules based on the 2009 Code.

For signatories that have already adopted rules in line with the 2009 Code, red-lined comparisons between the Model Rules based upon the 2009 Code and the Model Rules based upon the 2015 Code are provided to help identifying the provisions to be edited.